No Disassembly Required: SMO 4K is an Ultralight Action Cam for Your FPV

SMO 4K is an ultralight action cam designed for mounting on an FPV. Weighing in at just 30 grams and shaped like a credit card, the camera is stripped back to include just a 4K wide-angle lens and a processing core, powered by an FPV battery.

SMO 4K is developed by FPV drone company BETAFPV using Insta360 technology. The camera is backed up with Insta360’s FlowState stabilization, allowing FPV pilots to get ultra-smooth video using Insta360’s mobile app and desktop software.

SMO 4K is available to order today via BETAFPV’s new Beta95X V3 cinewhoop quadcopter is also available for purchase. 

Ultralight, stripped-back design.

The average action cam weighs over 100 grams. That may not seem like much—until you mount it on a tiny FPV drone that weighs just 100 grams itself. SMO 4K’s streamlined design keeps the camera’s weight to just 30 grams, allowing you to fly faster, longer and do more maneuvers. 

For years, DIY demons in the FPV community have been re-engineering old action cameras and making them more lightweight for FPVs. Now SMO 4K offers an out-of-the-box solution for FPV pilots who want to step up their FPV content without the hassle. 

Action Cam for FPV Drones

4K ultra-wide angle shots.

Although all FPV drones are mounted with a camera for sending a live video feed, these cameras often cap out at about 1080p resolution. With an action camera, you can shoot 4K wide angle video with greater detail, smoother stabilization and better dynamic range.

SMO 4K shoots 4K footage with a new ultra-wide FOV option in Insta360 Studio that removes distortion from your shots. Meanwhile, a 100Mbps bitrate and H.265 encoding deliver crisp details. 

Stabilized for FPVs.

The most fun part about flying FPVs is all the flips, rolls and acrobatic stunts you can do with the drone. But these maneuvers can also be a challenge for image stabilization algorithms to handle, often leaving you with shaky footage. 

SMO 4K is backed up with Insta360’s proprietary FlowState stabilization algorithm, using the Insta360 app or desktop Studio software. FlowState will keep your shots so smooth, you’ll be able to fly to your heart’s desire. 

Ready to mount. 

The SMO 4K camera can be easily mounted on a variety of FPV drones including:

  • Cinewhoops
  • 3-4” ducted quads
  • 4-5” long range FPVs
  • Fixed wing FPVs 
BETAFPV 95X V3 drone
Beta95X V3

Coinciding with the launch of SMO 4K is the launch of the new Beta95X V3 cinewhoop quadcopter. This drone has a built-in mount for the SMO 4K camera for easy out-of-the-box installation. Plus, its “pusher-style” inverted frame maintains a low center of gravity and makes the drone easier to maneuver. 

If you’ve already got your own FPV, STL files are also available to 3D print your own mount.  

Plug-in and control. 

The camera comes with a 6V to 27V power connector that supports 2S to 6S LiPo FPV batteries. Just plug in and go. You can also connect the camera to your radio controller to start and stop recording remotely without having to stop flying.

No more jello effect. 

One of the challenges of shooting cinematic FPV footage is the “jello effect”, or having strong vibrations in your video. To help combat this, SMO 4K comes with an ND16 filter in the box which gives you more natural motion blur in bright conditions. Meanwhile, a UV filter is also included which can double as a lens protector during your flights. 

SMO 4K ND filter

Get flying. 

SMO 4K is available globally starting today at and retails for $239.99. A Get-Set Kit is also available, which includes the camera and the Beta95X V3 cinewhoop quadcopter. 

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