Periscope Goes Global with Live 360 Video; Exclusive Native Support for Insta360 Nano

1-K4cqCRHq-InHqF_MQRHj9wThe Insta360 Nano offers exclusive native support for Periscope live 360 video. 

The Twitter-owned live-streaming app Periscope rolled out its new live 360 video feature to everyone today, allowing Insta360 Nano users to share immersive experiences with the world in real time.

Users can share 360-degree Periscope broadcasts on either Twitter or Periscope. The Insta360 Nano is the only camera natively supported by Periscope's iOS app, making a 360 live-stream as easy as tapping a button.

Today's global rollout follows a limited release that offered the feature to a select group of white-listed users.

How It Works

First step: Grab an Insta360 Nano. The plug-and-play 360 camera for iPhones is the only device natively integrated with Periscope's iOS app for 360 live-streaming.

110202The plug-and-play Insta360 Nano is ready for one-touch Persicope 360 video. 

Next, all users need to do is plug in the Insta360 Nano to their iPhone’s Lightning port, pop open the Periscope or Insta360 app, and hit record.

Meanwhile, viewers will be able to explore live 360-degree broadcasts on their phone or computer displays with a simple swipe, click, or twist of the wrist.

Earlier this month, Facebook also opened up live 360 video to all of its users.

Insta360 offers integrated support for Facebook Live 360 to both Android and iPhone users, who can use the Insta360 Nano and Insta360 Air respectively.

[How to Use Facebook Live 360]

With an Insta360 camera, sharing an immediate, authentic and immersive view of your world is actually easier than point and shoot — it's as easy as just shoot.

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