NBA All-Stars Go Live in 360 with Insta360 Nano

When you’re filming guys with 6-foot-8-inch (2.03 m) frames — like the Utah Jazz’s Gordon Hayward — it pays to take a wide angle.

Insta360 Nano on Iphone

That seems to be what the NBA was thinking when they decided to treat fans to 360 footage of the NBA All-Star media circuit over the weekend on their official Twitter account.

Using an Insta360 Nano, the only device that supports 360 livestreaming on Twitter, the NBA gave an immersive look at an All-Star weekend photo shoot with the Houston Rockets’ James Harden, as well as a rowdy media interview session with Gordon Hayward in the run-up to his All-Star debut on Sunday night in New Orleans.

Jump into Harden's photo shoot:

And get an All-Star's eye view of a crowded presser here:

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