The Insta360 Nano: Fully Compatible with iPhone 7 models

We often get a lot of questions about whether the Insta360 Nano is compatible with the new iPhone 7 models, and the answer is always yes!

Whilst the camera on the new iPhone models is the best one we've ever seen, it still doesn't have the ability to create 360° videos. That's where the Insta360 Nano can help take your photography and videography to a whole new level.

The Nano is the World's first HD camera that can shoot and live stream VR footage directly from your iPhone 7. Not only is this groundbreaking technology, it's super easy to use! Simply attach the Nano to your iPhone 7 device and you're ready to get shooting.

Once you've attached your Nano to the iPhone, you can use it in exactly the same way as with previous iPhone models. So no need to worry! The video below gives you a quick run through of how to use your iPhone 7 and Nano together.

If you have any questions regarding the Insta360 Nano, feel free to contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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