Do Your Insta360 ONE and Nano Support the New iPhone Models?

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Now that Apple’s latest wonder-slabs are on sale, it’s time we answer the key question that seems to have slipped Tim Cook’s mind amid all the excitement: Will the new models be compatible with Insta360 cameras?

In a word, the answer is yes, though there's a slight caveat for one combination of camera and phone. Here are the details for each new device:

iPhone 8: The iPhone 8 will be seamlessly compatible with both the Insta360 ONE and Insta360 Nano via the cameras' Lightning connectors.

iPhone 8 Plus: The iPhone 8 Plus also works perfectly with both the ONE and Nano.

Woman with iPhoneX

iPhone X: Thanks to the Insta360 ONE’s versatile quick-release Lightning connector, it will be ready to use with the new iPhone X as soon as you can get your hands on one. According to currently available information, the Insta360 Nano will be compatible with the iPhone X  after pairing the camera with an MFi-certified Lightning-to-Lightning adapter (this is due to the iPhone X’s somewhat increased depth dimension of 0.3 inches (7.7 mm)). We'll update this post later to include a recommended accessory.

Check the recap in this chart:

Of course, not everyone has or wants an iPhone, and Insta360 also has dedicated devices for Android users, who can get shooting in 360 with an Insta360 Air or an upcoming Android-compatible version of the Insta360 ONE.

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