Insta360 Unveil Revolutionary 8K 360º Video Playback on Apple Vision Pro

Insta360 is excited to announce a game-changing integration with Apple Vision Pro that allows users to watch high-quality 8K 360º videos from the new action camera, Insta360 X4, directly on the Apple Vision Pro headset. This integration offers an unmatched immersive experience, enabling users to instantly drop into any environment and relive every angle of their most memorable moments in stunning detail.

Pushing the Boundaries of Immersive Technology

In a revolutionary integration, 360º footage from action camera Insta360 X4, known for its exceptional ability to capture life's adventures in breathtaking 8K30fps clarity, true-to-life color and depth, now plays seamlessly on the Vision Pro, Apple's pioneering spatial computing headset. This opens up a new world to explore media, placing the user directly in the center of their videos to relive moments as if they were there again for the first time. Users can spatially navigate their high-quality 8K 360º footage and relive every experience, bringing unparalleled immersion to users' fingertips—every frame is as vivid and realistic as the moment it was captured.

Seamless Playback

After capturing your adventures with the Insta360 X4, you can easily transfer and watch your footage on the Apple Vision Pro via the Moon Player app. Moon Player seamlessly plays back X4's 8K30fps 360º videos, providing a smooth and responsive viewing experience that fully utilizes the Vision Pro's advanced display and spatial capabilities. Follow the detailed tutorial video below to transfer your videos from Insta360 X4 to the Apple Vision Pro using the Moon Player app.

A New Dimension

Combining the exceptional 8K video capture capabilities of Insta360 X4 with the immersive viewing experience of the Apple Vision Pro marks a turning point in spatial video technology, promising users an experience like no other. Whether you're an adventurer looking to capture and relive memories in stunning detail or a tech enthusiast eager to experience the forefront of virtual reality, unlock the true potential of Insta360 and Apple Vision Pro and explore this new dimension of visual storytelling.

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