Insta360 Wins Prestigious Streamy Award for Innovative Brand Engagement Campaign

Insta360 is thrilled to announce that they have won a prestigious YouTube Streamy Award for Brand Engagement!

The award revolves around Insta360’s viral campaign “No Drone? No Problem!” (#NoDroneNoProblem). Leading the charge with Insta360 X3, the 360 action camera pairs with the Invisible Selfie Stick to provide stunning drone-like shots without the need for an actual drone.

On TikTok alone, our #NoDroneNoProblem tag has over 238.9M views. Insane view counts!

Ever been stuck in a no-fly zone, or never had the budget for an expensive drone? That’s exactly where this setup comes in.

Insta360 wins the Streamy award for Best Engagement 2023

The results speak for themselves, with several viral hits such as this:

All thanks to the Invisible Selfie Stick

At the heart of this campaign was our Invisible Selfie Stick. Often regarded as an essential accessory, it pairs effortlessly with X3 to create highly convincing shots that look like a drone was used to craft the result.

Simply extend it and film, and your content can be elevated effortlessly. Exhibit A:

Insta360 produces a variety of selfie sticks ready to be used in all sorts of situations. Check out the best sellers, the Extended Edition Selfie Stick for maximum reach and #NoDroneNoProblem potential, or the solid daily driver, the 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick.

Social Media Sensation

The success of the “No Drone? No Problem!” campaign is a testament to the creativity and passion of Insta360 creators around the world.

The #NoDroneNoProblem hashtag received huge attention across social media, with new users to the brand blown away that shots like these were truly shot on an Insta360 camera:

Celebrating the Streamy W

The Streamy Award win for Brand Engagement shows just how committed Insta360 remains to pushing the boundaries and creating content that not only shocks, but inspires users. The best part of winning an engagement award such as this is the ability to credit the community for creating the content that inspired the nomination and award in the first place!

Looking Forward

At Insta360, we are honored to have received the Streamy Award for Brand Engagement, recognizing the impact of the campaign, and again would like to thank our community for creating and engaging with us across social media.

It’s not the first time we’ve celebrated #NoDroneNoProblem success! Check out this recent blog for more, or shop Insta360 X3 to try out the trend yourself.

As we look forward, our drawing board is full of potential viral hits. We’re big believers in adopting a “Think bold” attitude, and pushing that into our content and community is key. We can’t wait to share what’s next!

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