Insta360 Unveils New Brand Slogan Championing Bold Ideas

Today, Insta360 unveiled their new brand slogan, “Think bold.” The new direction represents Insta360’s commitment to helping people better capture and share their lives through bold innovation. It also champions the bold ideas of Insta360 users across the globe, who have achieved feats such as mastering human flight, defying disabilities and creating viral edits with the likes of Will Smith.  

Thinking bold means to challenge the status quo with ambitious ideas and actions.

"At Insta360, we believe bold ideas are the foundation to achieving greatness. When other people say 'That’s impossible', we say 'Let’s do it'," explained Jingkang Liu, founder of Insta360.

With this trail-blazing attitude, Insta360’s innovation has continued to push the boundaries of possibility—from pioneering the “Invisible Selfie Stick” effect, to building state-of-the-art professional VR cameras, an AI-powered editing app and the world’s smallest action cam. The call to “Think bold.” is an appeal to the company’s founders, engineers and users alike. 

Celebrating users’ ideas and experiences

Insta360’s new slogan honors their continually growing community of over 1 million users worldwide. “Our users always blow us away with their creativity, skill and fearlessness. They inspire us and fuel our innovation on a daily basis,” said Liu. 

From hair-raising cliff dive POVs to stunning cinematic productions, Insta360 cameras help anyone capture the magic of the moment. With easy tools that make shooting and editing effortless, Insta360 allows people to focus on their creative ideas and adventures. 

Insta360 ONE X2 in hand

There’s no one who embodies the spirit of “Think bold.” better than Hunter Kowald, inventor of the SkySurfer hoverboard featured on “Inside Edition”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and more. Featuring in Insta360’s new brand video, Kowald says, “Thinking boldly means to relentlessly fight for what you believe in. Doing the impossible and impacting the world—that’s what most excites me about living and it’s definitely the dream that I want to fight for.”

The video is the first in a series that will highlight inspiring figures who embody this mantra in their daily lives. 

The Think Bold Fund

To further highlight their belief in innovative thinking, Insta360 is also launching The Think Bold Fund. Through the fund, the company will sponsor video projects with funds, cameras, production crews and more to help make bold ideas reality. Aspiring and professional creators, athletes and brands are all encouraged to apply by emailing with their ideas and proposals for cooperation. 

Insta360 Think Bold Fund

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