Trade In Your Old Action Cam – Up to $40 Off Insta360 ONE RS or X2!

Insta360 TradeUp is our exchange program that offers you a hefty discount on eligible Insta360 cameras. Dig up your old action camera and trade it in for $40 off a brand-new Insta360 camera.

What do we mean by 'old action camera'? Well, if you've got an old action camera hiding somewhere (even as old as 10 years!) it's eligible for a trade-in. We'll take cameras in any condition and from just about any brand. We'll even take care of the shipping! TradeUp is available to consumers in the U.S., Japan and Mainland China.  

Okay, I've got an old camera I'd like to swap. What’s it worth? 

We've got an extensive list of models that we accept, which can be found by accessing the Insta360 TradeUp page. But for reference, almost any GoPro bags you up to $40 dollars off! Here's some of the most popular TradeUp options we offer:

 ONE RS Discount (USD)ONE X2 Discount (USD)
GoPro Hero 3 to Hero 10, Max, Fusion$40$40
DJI Osmo Action, Action 2, Osmo Pocket, Osmo Pocket 2$40$40
Ricoh Theta Z1, Theta V, Theta SC2$30$40
Insta360 ONE R$30$40
Insta360 EVO, ONE X, GO, ONE$30$40
GoPro HD Hero, Hero (2014), Hero+, Hero+LCD, Session, HERO 2, Original HD HERO$20$30
YI 4K, Lite$20$30
DJI Osmo Mobile$30$30
Insta360 Nano S, Air, Nano$20$30
Ricoh Theta SC, S$20$30
Sony - any model$20$30
Kandao QooCam - any model$20$30
XTU - any model$20$30

Sounds great, how do I TradeUp? 

Follow these four steps to send us your old camera for recycling and claim your discount.

1) Discover your TradeUp savings. 

Head over to the TradeUp page to discover the savings for your specific model of camera, or directly click "TRADE UP NOW" on the Insta360 store page of the camera you want!

2) Buy an an Insta360 action cam with a discount!

You’ll be directed to the relevant camera's store page. Pick any edition with your TradeUp discount applied. You’ll see the savings applied at checkout.

3) Send us your old camera. We’ll cover the shipping. 

After you’ve purchased your new Insta360 action cam, you’ll receive an email. Follow the instructions in that email to send us your camera.

4) We’ll check your camera and send your Insta360 order.

Our experts will check your device within five business days and send you your new camera. 

Any questions? 

If you’re ready to upgrade, head over to the Insta360 TradeUp page. You’ll also find further info there, including a full FAQ.

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