Adobe Premiere Pro “No-Stitch” Editing Extension Available Now for Insta360 Pro Users

Adobe Premiere Pro

Insta360 today released its new Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension, allowing Insta360 Pro users to jump right into editing 360° video before ever spending a minute stitching their footage.

The extension is included in the latest update to Insta360 Stitcher, version 1.7.0, available for free download here, and is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and later. Users should be sure they have Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed on their device before installing Insta360 Stitcher 1.7.0, as they'll be prompted to add the extension during the Stitcher installation process.

For more info on using the new extension, check out the video below.

As previously shared, the new extension works by generating a proxy version of the full-quality footage — a lower-resolution substitute that can be stitched in real-time for smooth playback and editing (on machines that meet recommended specs below).

This approach offers numerous advantages:

  • Stitching time at the start of a project is greatly reduced — down to just what’s necessary to generate the proxy video.
  • The software can perform smoothly during editing — without the processor-dragging challenge of navigating and displaying an 8K video file.
  • The video is only compressed a single time, during final export, ensuring maximum image quality. In a traditional workflow, there would be two compressions — one during initial stitching and one during final export.
  • Users can cut down the proxy version to exactly the parts that are necessary for their project. In the end, only the footage that’s used is stitched, avoiding any wasted time spent stitching footage that doesn’t made the final cut.

For optimal performance of the new extension, Insta360 recommends a computer with the following specs:

CPU: i7 6700K or higher
RAM: 8GB or higher
Graphics card: GTX980 or a higher-performing NVIDIA or AMD card
Hard drive: SSD recommended
Operating system: Windows 8.1, MacOS 10.10, or higher

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