Insta360 and Motovan Team Up to Bring 360 Action to Canadian Powersports

Insta360 is thrilled to announce a partnership with Motovan, a leading Canadian powersports distributor. This exciting collaboration will make Insta360 action cameras more accessible than ever to Canadian riders, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Motovan: A Powerhouse in Powersports

Motovan is a well-established name in the Canadian powersports scene, with a vast network of dealers spanning the country from coast to coast. Motovan has been servicing retailers and riders for over 40 years and just like most relationships it’s the Love of powersports the main reason Motovan has been around for more than 4 decades.

“We are proud to partner with a great brand for our market”, Mike Paladino, VP Motovan. “Action cameras and powersports go hand in hand and will allow our dealers to capitalize on this very popular segment while helping Insta 360 with its continuous growth. We are also thrilled at the fact that Insta 360 continues to be extremely active in new product development, social media communication and have appointed many well-known brand ambassadors.”

Bringing the Best of Insta360 to Canadian Riders

Canadian powersports dealers will now have access to the full range of Insta360 action cameras, including the new 8K-capable Insta360 X4, best-selling Insta360 X3, and AI-powered action camera, Insta360 Ace Pro.

In addition to this stellar lineup of 360° and wide-angle cameras, dealers across Canada will also offer popular bundles and accessories to help riders get the most out of their Insta360 gear.

A Shared Vision for Adventure

This partnership aligns perfectly with Insta360's mission to empower creators and adventurers to push their limits and capture their stories in new and exciting ways.

Max Richter, VP Marketing, Insta360 shared his thoughts on the partnership: "This collaboration opens up a new avenue for Insta360, bringing our innovative 360° and wide-angle action cameras to the thriving Canadian powersports community. We're excited for this, and can't wait to see the incredible content Canadian riders create with our cameras, showcasing their skills and the breathtaking landscapes this country has to offer."

Capture Your Ride

Looking to make your next off-road excursion unforgettable? An Insta360 camera is a perfect match for the next time you're hiring out an ATV or buggy! These 360 cameras take your adventure footage to a whole new level, with the ability to capture your action and surroundings like nothing else on the market.

Keep an eye on your local Canadian powersports dealer to get your hands on the latest Insta360 gear. Whether you're hitting the trails, ripping up the track, or simply exploring the great outdoors, there's an Insta360 camera ready to capture your next adventure.

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