7 New Features for ONE R and Studio: Apple ProRes, Shot Lab Effects and More

ONE R users are getting a mid-summer bonus. A round of new updates is making the mobile editing workflow faster, funner and more powerful.

Plus, in July, we’ll be launching a major redesign of our desktop editor, Insta360 Studio, that’s replete with lots of new features and functionality. 

With our best deal ever on the ONE R available for another two weeks, there’s never been a better time to pick one up. 

Here are the highlights of the latest updates for Insta360 Studio and the Insta360 ONE R app. 

ONE R Updates

1. Jump Cut

This one’s a crowd favorite. A few weeks back, we ran a “Future Feature” poll to ask the community which new app features they wanted most. 

Insta360 ONE R new features

The winner? The community asked for a better way to trim shots in the app that goes beyond just being able to trim down the start and end of a clip. 

We heard the will of the people, and we added in the new Jump Cut feature. It’s an easy way to trim out the sections of your shot you don’t want — as many as you like and at any point on the timeline — and then easily merge all the bits you do want into one continuous clip. No more multiple exports. Jump Cut makes mobile edits fast, flexible and easy. 

2. 360 Transitions

These transitions are the secret sauce for elevating your reframed edits. They help you link any of your 360 footage with dynamic panning camera movements in a direction of your choice. Add them with a tap in ONE R’s in-app editor.

3. New Shot Lab Effects

Shot Lab hangs out in a pretty inconspicuous corner of the ONE R app (find it under the “Stories” tab), but it’s not to be underestimated. It uses AI to automatically achieve some of the coolest effects you can pull off with the ONE R. You do the shooting and Shot Lab handles the whole edit. 

The best part: it’s continuously updated with new techniques. So whenever we figure out a mind-blowing new camera trick at Insta360 HQ, all we have to do is teach our trusty AI algorithm how it works and —  just like that — the whole ONE R community can download our camera knowledge like Neo learning Kung Fu in “The Matrix”. 

The latest app update (iOS v1.3.3, Android v1.2.3) has introduced a couple of instant classics: 

Clone Trail: As advertised. Leave a trail of clones wherever you go. Come on, clone yourself, everyone’s doing it. 

Parallel Planet: This is a twist on the classic Tiny Planet shot. It’s like an ordinary Tiny Planet but with the humble addition of a gaping wormhole into a parallel universe where nothing is quite what it seems. What’s in there? Cthulhu? Only one way to find out. 

Flash Dash*: This is a great way to relieve stress and a convenient hack for your daily commute. It’s pretty simple. It’s just a 900-volt surge of pure, unbridled electrical energy that propels you forward at speeds heretofore unexperienced by man or beast. Pro tip: try yelling “Pika!” when you turn this one on for a satisfying new sensation. 

*Look out for Flash Dash to go live in the next update!

Insta360 Studio Updates

1. Apple ProRes

This is a big one. In the latest version of Insta360 Studio (Windows v3.4.10, macOS v3.4.10), creators can choose to export their footage in ProRes 422. 

ProRes export is supported for any footage you edit in Insta360 Studio. To learn about all the benefits of ProRes, check out Apple’s white paper.

2. Multi-Language Support

The Insta360 Community now spans more than 170 countries. It was high time we introduced support for more languages on Insta360 Studio so that more people could take advantage of it. 

So that’s what we did. With the launch of version 3.5.0, Studio will support German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese-Traditional and English.

3. Deep Track

Smart Track uses AI object recognition to lock onto a subject and keep them center-frame wherever they go. 

It used to be mobile-exclusive. But with Studio v3.5.0 (coming in July), it’s ready for desktop workflows as well.

4. TimeShift

TimeShift is one of the most popular effects in the mobile app. It’s a unique technique that leverages ONE R’s dual-lens design to combine dynamic changes to both speed and perspective.  

Studio v3.5.0 will support the ability to change playback speed for different sections of the same video clip, allowing creators to easily achieve TimeShift effects in their desktop workflow. 

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