Insta360 GO 2 Reviews: What Top Reviews Say About This Tiny Action Cam

Weighing in at only 26.5 grams, Insta360 GO 2 is perfect for capturing those everyday moments. Even better, this tiny magnetic camera enables you to record clips you couldn’t dream of shooting before. There are no limits to what shots you can create. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here are 11 Insta360 GO 2 reviews that cover everything you could want to know about the world’s smallest action cam. 

CNET: More exciting than your life

CNET Reviews editor Joshua Goldman shares whyGO 2 is a great lifestyle camera for capturing first-person point-of-view video: “This super-small camera might not make your day-to-day more interesting, but it could unlock your creativity with help from its clever accessories.”

Over on YouTube, Senior Video Producer Nic Henry shares why this tiny, fun camera made him go crazy (in a good way).

Mr. WhosetheBoss: A fascinating smartphone gadget

This in-depth review from Mr. WhosetheBoss covers 10 of GO 2’s features.

“Even after you’ve taken a video, you can completely change the aspect ratio. From one clip I can export to YouTube or Instagram Stories.”

MakeUseOf:  If you buy one camera in 2021, it should be this one

MakeUseOf rates Insta360 GO 2 a 9.50/10 in their review, giving it high marks on mounting, operability and stabilization.

“The sheer ease of use, tiny format, and clever selection of mounting methods make the Insta360 GO 2 an essential purchase.”MakeUseOf

Daniel Schiffer: EPIC B ROLL with the TINIEST camera!

“Don’t let its size fool you. This tiny little action camera is capable of capturing some pretty amazing videos.” In this video, professional video creator Daniel shows you how to get some cinematic-like shots with GO 2, thanks to its small size and best-in-class stabilization. “The camera does an amazing job at stabilizing everything.”

Tech Radar: A big improvement on its predecessor

This extremely in-depth Insta360 GO 2 review from Tech Radar covers all of the camera's features and its user experience improvements compared to its predecessor, Insta360 GO. 

The Insta360 GO 2 is perfect for vlogs or as a second action camera that you can take virtually everywhere.”Tech Radar

Benn TK: I gave myself SUPER POWERS for a day! 

If you’re looking for inspiration for shooting your next creative video, look no further. Benn TK makes some truly jaw-dropping POV videos. In this one, he gives himself SUPERPOWERS for a day. Seamless editing, amazing quality, and all shot on GO 2.

Potato Jet: TINY Camera with major upgrades!

Potato Jet is one of the most personable and likable tech reviewers. In this video, he tests GO 2 in low-light, on a drone, on a bike and more! Anything you could want to know about GO 2 is covered in this review, including timelapses, mounting, image quality, stabilization, and audio!

DIYPhotography: An amazing wearable first-person camera

In his Insta360 GO 2 review, John Aldred shares why Insta360 GO 2 is becoming a regular part of his video workflow to shoot behind-the-scenes clips, b-roll and other shots for his YouTube videos.

"Shots that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily, or possibly at all, get.”DIY Photography

Insta360 GO 2 Reviews: 6 Months Later

Insta360 is always updating and adding features to its firmware and app. Here’s what people are saying about GO 2 six months after release.


“It’s literally a hands-free way of recording my life”. David goes over the reasons why 6 months after release he reaches for his GO 2 when he wants to capture moments from his life, especially when it comes to spending time with his daughter. 

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke: 5 months later!

“I’ve said it before, but there’s just so few cameras out there that are fun to shoot with… with the GO 2 I really enjoy how fast and easy it is to record”. AuthenTech shows us new updates and features he loves. This video shows how easy this tiny but mighty camera makes capturing and sharing moments from life. 

iPhonedo: Goes where no other action camera can

“GO 2 lets you shoot first, and frame later.” iPhonedo shows us how the tiny size of the camera makes crazy shots possible. The camera is tiny enough to be put in a crack in the road, which he then drives over, again and again. 

Insta360 GO 2 is available now on

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