Insta360's First Experience Event in Europe - What Went Down

On April 24, 2024, Insta360's Berlin team held the first launch event in Germany, marking a significant milestone for Insta360 in Europe.

Insta360 Experience Event in Berlin, 2024

With the participation of esteemed brand and media partners, we not only unveiled the brand-new 8K 360º action camera, Insta360 X4, but also fostered a spirit of collaboration through interactive workshops, engaging creator discussions, and networking opportunities.

This event was a platform for innovative storytelling and closer connections among our partners. Renowned creators such as AlexiBexi, Blackout, and Mike Suminski shared their expertise, showcasing the versatility of Insta360 X4 in their respective fields and demonstrating its potential in technology, motorsports, and filmmaking.

Insta360 Experience Event in Berlin, 2024
Creator AlexiBexi during his talk.

Vice President of Marketing Max Richter delivered a compelling presentation that was a major highlight of the event. He enlightened the audience with X4 updates and offered an insider's perspective on the extensive research and development that went into its design, emphasizing Insta360's commitment to pioneering new technologies for users.

Insta360 Experience Event in Berlin, 2024
Vice President of Marketing Max Richter during his presetation.

Attendees experienced the full capabilities of Insta360 X4 through a series of workshops led by specialists. These sessions included detailed discussions on its AI capabilities and hands-on opportunities for participants to experience our 360° technology and create dynamic content.

Insta360 Experience Event in Berlin, 2024
Workshop participants trying out Insta360 X4.

The Insta360 Experience Event in Berlin was an unforgettable experience and is just the beginning of events for our European audience. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it a success, and a huge shoutout to BMW Motorrad World for hosting us.

See you at the next event!

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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