New Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount - Ride Hard, Shoot Easy

Gearing up for your next bike ride? If capturing life on two wheels is your thing, grab the brand-new Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount. Whether it's immersive first-person POVs of your route or 360º of spoke-turning action, this new mount is guaranteed to secure incredible shots.

It integrates your Insta360 action camera seamlessly with your bike—simply swap out your headset cap and go!

Get on your bike and ride.

Whether you're making a sprint for the yellow jersey or following your kids on a family ride, the Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount is a must-have accessory for cinematic shots.

The Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount attached to a bike with Insta360 X4 on a selfie stick in one picture, and Insta360 Ace Pro in another picture.

Dynamic angles.

Compatible with Insta360 action cameras (except for ONE RS 1-Inch 360) for never-ending possibilities! Try the brand new 8K 360º action camera Insta360 X4 with the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick for unlimited third-person angles in ultra-high quality. The Invisible Selfie Stick is lightweight, sturdy and won't get in the way of your jam. Plus, it disappears from your shots for an incredible floating camera effect!

Psst...for your safety, the length of the Action Invisible Selfie Stick should not extend past the front wheel!

After recording, reframe your 360º shots to show any angle and even switch between multiple perspectives, such as the bike computer, the route ahead, or looking back at your shining self.

The first-person and third-person views achievable with the Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount

For dynamic first-person POVs, mount Insta360 X4 directly onto the Bike Headset Cap Mount for a natural, wide-angle first-person perspective and shoot in 4K60fps Single-Lens Mode or MaxView for those ultra-wide 170º angles. You can also try a wide-angle action camera like Insta360 Ace Pro, especially if you're going for sunset rides.

Simplicity is key.

Less fiddling, more pedaling. We all know the feeling of staring blankly at flat-pack furniture instructions. This mount is easy to set up with everything you need to install at home! Check out how to install it with the easy-to-follow tutorial.

Shoot any angle.

With an adjustable design, it's quick and easy to rotate the Universal Joint whenever you need a new angle, and it has less impact on your handlebars. That's more creative freedom without interrupting your flow—your rides have never looked so cinematic!

Easy to install.

The mount sits securely on your bike's head tube, replacing the original headset cap for immersive shots of any trail, road or false flat. It's the perfect solution to mount up front and center of your cockpit, letting you safely secure any Insta360 cam above your stem.

How to install the Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount

It's compatible with all standard 28.6mm (1-1/8in) headset top caps (OD1 specifications) designed to replace a headset cap on most modern bicycles. It's designed for cycling on smooth roads at a maximum speed of 50km/h (31mph), so no off-roading with this one! It's not compatible with integrated/compression headset caps or quill stems.

It includes everything you need to easily set up and install the mount at home. Simply assemble the mount, remove your original headset cap and attach the mount to your bike! Before installing, make sure the bike fork's star nut or expander plug is secure.

Available now.

The Insta360 Bike Headset Cap Mount is available to buy today from the Insta360 Official Store for a reduced price of $35.99 in the Summer Sale (normally $39.99).

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