Insta360 and Indian Motorcycle Announce Exciting New Partnership

Insta360, an industry leader in 360-degree action cameras, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company. Powering up the world of motorcycling through Insta360 cameras, Indian Motorcycle riders will be able to capture and showcase their thrilling experiences and stories in incredible new ways.

Unprecedented Heritage, New Possibilities

With a rich history dating back to 1901, Indian Motorcycle are known for their classic styling, powerful engines, and long-standing legacy in racing and innovation. Joining forces with Insta360, the stories, and memories that celebrate this rich heritage will be taken to new heights.

The partnership between Insta360 and Indian Motorcycles celebrates a shared passion for motorcycles and the desire to push boundaries. Insta360’s commitment to providing top-of-the-line action cameras perfectly complements Indian Motorcycles’ dedication to delivering pure, satisfying riding experiences.

Shot of an Insta360 X3 on an Indian Motorcycle bike.

Insta360 X3, the world’s leading 360 action camera, will bring riders all the possibilities of immersive 360-degree shooting, allowing them to capture stunning views and impossible third-person perspectives. X3 has further cemented itself as the go-to action camera for motorcyclists thanks to its rugged build, easy mounting, dashcam functionality, and more.

Backing the Community

Along with supporting Indian Motorcycle events such as Indian Riders Fest 2023, Insta360 will work with Indian Motorcycle to shoot innovative new content that captures the spirit of motorcycling in fresh ways.

Grant Bester, Vice President General Manager International of Indian Motorcycle is looking forward to seeing where the partnership will go: “Innovation has always been a hallmark of Indian Motorcycle and our partnership with Insta360 enhances the brand’s online presence with innovative content that addresses the challenge of grabbing attention in the rapidly moving online landscape. Insta360 helps us to stand out as a premium brand and highlight the thrill of riding our motorcycles. Our regional marketing teams and riding community now have the tools to quickly and easily create eye-catching and dynamic video content so that they can capture and share their rides in a whole new way.”

Max Richter, VP of Marketing at Insta360, shared similar thoughts: “We’re convinced our technology will elevate the storytelling potential for motorbike enthusiasts, enabling them to capture their experiences like never before.”

Insta360 staff chatting at the Indian Motorcycle meetup

Hitting the Road

As the partnership between Insta360 and Indian Motorcycles unfolds, riders and fans can look forward to an exciting array of breathtaking footage and immersive storytelling. Together, these two industry leaders are set to unite and redefine the way motorcycling is captured and shared, inviting viewers to join them on an unforgettable journey.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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