Insta360 and BMW Motorrad: Revolutionizing Motorcycle Content Creation

Insta360 has joined forces with BMW Motorrad, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, in an exciting partnership. With a strong presence in the motorcycle market, this partnership strengthens Insta360’s commitment to empowering riders to capture their journeys like never before.

Unleashing the Power of 360 Cameras for Motorcycle Riders

Insta360’s collaboration with BMW Motorrad offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable benefits of their 360-degree cameras, particularly the Insta360 X3, to a wider audience of motorcycle enthusiasts.

A shot of the Insta360 X3 camera mounted to the side of a BMW motorcycle

By capturing entire surroundings in 360 degrees, riders can relive their thrilling experiences with immersive and interactive footage, allowing viewers to feel as if they were right there on the ride.

Insta360 X3’s compact size, waterproofing, and advanced features make it the perfect companion for motorcycle riders to document and share their adventures. Its rugged design, easy-to-use mounting system, and long-life battery make it a truly reliable riding companion, with an intuitive app utilizing AI features for easy, on-the-go editing.

X3 also has unique shooting modes such as Loop Recording, allowing riders to use X3 as a dashcam– capturing and saving a set amount of time and saving precious space on the microSD card.

An onboard shot of a rider completed with an Insta360 X3,

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of BMW Motorrad

Insta360 recently had the honor of participating in the BMW Motorrad Days 2023, a grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad and a century of motorcycle excellence.

Held in Berlin from the 7th to the 9th of July 2023, this milestone event brought together motorcycle enthusiasts, industry leaders, and passionate riders from around the world.

Insta360 attended the event, welcoming thousands of guests to their spacious booth and hosting three interactive, hands-on workshops. The BMW Motorrad Days was a multifaceted affair, encompassing sales, exhibitions, and captivating content. Over three action-packed days, the event drew an impressive total attendance of 37,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.

An Insta360 staff member chats to an attendee at the Berlin BMW Motorrad event.

Insta360’s presence at BMW Motorrad Days 2023 shows a commitment to innovation, adventure, and empowering riders to capture and share their experiences in unprecedented ways.

Max Richter, VP of Marketing for Insta360, shared his thoughts on the new partnership: “Teaming up with BMW Motorrad we see new horizons for riders to unleash their creativity and share their journeys in an immersive 360-degree format. With Insta360 X3, motorcyclists can capture their adventures like never before.”

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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