Introducing Dynamic Stitching, Insta360 EVO’s Next-Level Stitching Upgrade

Insta360 EVO is an engineering feat. The dual-lens camera was built to achieve two totally different shooting modes — 180 3D and 360 video.

Insta360 engineers achieved this by giving EVO a unique folding body. But this form factor led to new challenges — the folding design required a slightly thicker camera body, and this meant a greater distance between EVO’s two lenses during 360 shooting. Even a slight gap made achieving a seamless stitch between the two lenses more difficult.

To solve this, we optimized our stitching algorithm from the ground up for EVO’s form factor. This ensured a natural, seamless stitch in the vast majority of scenes. But when EVO reached the hands of creators, many shared feedback that there were certain situations — especially dynamic, handheld scenes that featured lots of parallel lines, such as a row of fence posts or a staircase — where EVO’s stitch was not living up to the standard we set for our cameras.

An All-New Stitching Algorithm

We heard the feedback and set to work coming up with a solution: Dynamic Stitching.

As of version 1.3.0, iOS users of the EVO app have had the option to use Dynamic Stitching on any video, and the function is activated by default (EVO users can open the settings menu on any video in their album to see the new stitching setting). Android users will be getting the same feature in the next update.

Using the new algorithm, EVO achieves a flawless stitch even in the most difficult scenes. Check out this comparison to see what a difference it makes:

How It Works

Dynamic Stitching takes no shortcuts in ensuring a seamless stitch. Previously, EVO’s stitching algorithm worked by evaluating a range of key metrics — including precise, real-time data on orientation of the lenses and camera body — to create a customized recipe for stitching a given scene. This is an extremely sophisticated process in itself, but it has limits when a scene changes dramatically as it progresses.

That’s where Dynamic Stitching comes in. Instead of generating a customized stitch for every scene, it generates a customized stitch for every frame. As a result, even minute changes from one frame to the next — like the shifting positions of closely placed fence posts — can be taken into account and stitched naturally.

The upshot is that EVO users will always get lifelike footage that captures memories just as they happened.

Download the latest version of the EVO app here or pick up the camera today here.

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