Capturing the News in 360 with the Insta360 Pro’s First Customer

On April 21, Insta360 opened preorders on the Insta360 Pro — a professional all-in-one camera that makes creating high-quality VR simple.

Victor Agulhon, the owner of a news agency for 360-degree content, wasn’t caught off guard.

He’d been hitting refresh continuously in anticipation, and once the preorder opened, he was the first of many to put an order in for the new camera.

Agulhon’s news agency, TARGO, is young, so the Pro’s retail price of $3,500 wasn’t something he could invest without a thought. But he’d taken the time to research the device, and he knew it was the right tool to grow his business.

With onboard real-time stitching, a simple live-streaming work flow, and shooting modes for stereoscopic and monoscopic content in up to 8K, the Pro was exactly the device he needed to capture immersive experiences at the pace of the news cycle.

“I am confident it won’t disappoint,” said Agulhon of the Pro, which will ship at the end of May.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing how TARGO continues to pioneer 360 journalism with the help of the Insta360 Pro this summer.

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