New Android App Update for Insta360 GO: Auto Editing & Barrel Roll

Insta360 launched today a big update to its Insta360 GO Android app. Android version 1.2.0 brings two highly-anticipated editing features to Android GO users: FlashCut auto editing and Barrel Roll. Both features make editing Insta360 GO clips easier than ever in the app—and more fun.

Let FlashCut auto edit your footage

AI-powered FlashCut auto edits GO’s footage so users can capture, edit and share clips in just a few taps. FlashCut recognizes what’s in the shot—whether its food, cities or smiles—and compiles the best clips together into a story. Never again will you have to sift through your album after a long, action-packed day to find your best shots.

Of course, Android users can still choose to edit clips manually with the existing suite of manual editing tools. Check out what FlashCut can do in this video:

Turn heads with Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll is another fun editing effect coming to Android users with the app update. 

Best paired with a hyperlapse, users can spin a video in the app to create a turntable effect. Anyone can achieve this cinematic effect in the GO app–no expensive equipment required. Just film in a straight path with GO, then turn your footage as many times as you’d like later in the app. 

See Barrel Roll in action here:

The GO Android update is available to download from and the Google Play Store now.

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