Game-Changing AI Warp Feature Rolled Out For More Insta360 Products

Insta360 is thrilled to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking generative AI feature, AI Warp, to a wider range of products (full list below). Previously exclusive to action cameras Insta360 Ace and Insta360 Ace Pro, AI Warp now revolutionizes video editing for a wider range of Insta360 creators, from beginners capturing their everyday adventures to professionals seeking to push the limits of creativity.

Accessible through Shot Lab on the Insta360 app, owners of Insta360 products, including the 360º action camera X3 and the tiny mighty GO 3, can push the boundaries of conventional video editing with three free AI Warp uses a day.

Simply type any word or phrase or use one of the incredible preset prompts, select the desired section of your clip, and AI Warp transforms your footage into something extraordinary. Whether you're looking to add a dynamic twist to a specific person or reimagine an entire scene, AI Warp offers the flexibility and control to realize your vision for truly unique videos. Check out the full tutorial below.

Insta360 is committed to enhancing the capabilities of our products and the creative potential of our users, and the introduction of AI Warp across a wider range of products marks a new era of possibility. We're excited to see how our community utilizes this innovative feature to bring their imagination to life in ways never before possible.

Compatible Products:

Insta360 Ace & Insta360 Ace Pro
Insta360 X3
Insta360 X2
Insta360 ONE X
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 2
Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360
Insta360 ONE RS
Insta360 ONE R
Insta360 Flow
Insta360 Sphere

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