Insta360 Nano: Give Your World a 360° Change

Hey buddies! As fanatic lovers for GoPro, photography and selfies, have you ever seen such dazzling photos and videos like the following one?

pilot taking 360 photo from cockpit.
360 video of crowd and DJ

This is the world trendiest 360 VR video, which you can view on your smartphone and PC dragging the screens and watching in every angle. Or switch to Little Planet view where you are just like watching the world from the God’s point of view like the above photo!

To achieve this kind of photography and videography is simple. The Insta360 Nano 360° Cameraemerges at this very right moment.

Insta360 Nano on its own

With one simple click, you can take a 360° panoramic photo or video like a pro. Wherever you are standing, Nano can always capture everything around you, without missing a single angle and moment.

7 girls taking a group 360 photo

Insta360 Nano is mini, just as long as your fingers, and easily grabbed with one hand.
What is more entertaining is that Nano can directly be plugged into iPhone, and the Nano App will be activated upon connection. An instantaneous transformation to a 360° panoramic camera!

Insta360 Nano on Iphone

Even the American Idol Molly Swenso could not help but gasp in admiration that, “So cool! I’ve been waiting for something like that for long!”

Woman posing with Insta360 Nano on Iphone

Wanna show off your swaggy selfie with such a trendy camera to your friends? Equally simple!

The Nano App enables you to share your 360° photos and videos with just one fingertip to Facebook, so your friends can tilt their phone screens to see what you are seeing, eating and playing with. Be aware not to misbehave though!

Insta360 Nano on Iphone highlighting the share button
Ipad on Facebook with Sharing on Facebook across the screen

Sharing is just the beginning. You can even do real-time live streaming!

Via the Nano App, it is now possible for one-click sharing of your live-streaming link to social networking platforms such as Facebook, or directly messaging to your friends. In this way, you can have your own live telecast, and it is in 360 degrees!

Youtube video of What I haven't done

Cannot make yourself present at big moments such as weddings, concerts or parties? Not a problem. Switch on the live streaming function provided by Insta360 Nano. Even it is a few thousand miles away, you can still feel like being personally on the scene with your friends! And the happiness and energy you can absorb.

Group of friends and a married couple posing on the beach with Insta360 Nano on an Iphone on a selfie stick

Alright so after finishing your panoramic videos, you must be curious to watch them in virtual reality mode. And the good news is, you don’t even need to buy an extra VR headset anymore! Coz our Nano’s packaging box is a VR headset itself!

Unbox our Nano, and don’t throw away the packaging box! Fold it into a VR headset and insert your iPhone inside the gap. An unprecedented 360° VR experience is here. Indulge yourself in this virtual reality world!

Iphone in a VR box
Iphone in a VR box

The travel season is coming in July! Why not an Insta360 Nano which can be a helpful witness of every moment and every degree of your journey?

Get yourself to Amazon and scramble for an Insta360 Nano! Nano is now available on Amazon for pre-order at only US$199. Limited quantity so it is on a first-come-first-served basis! Hurry, hurry, step right up!

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