VR Education Platform Offers Master Classes From Industry Giants

Can you imagine being able to learn mixed martial arts in an octagon cage from the comfort of your home? Or sitting face-to-face with a billion-dollar investor to hear their success story? Now you can with VRLU’s Master Academy platform, the world’s first VR education platform focused on self improvement. 

With VRLU, all you have to do is put on a VR headset and you can instantly learn from the best of the best. VRLU hosts over 1,300 episodes of educational and entertaining virtual reality content, totaling over 215 hours. It’s like the “MasterClass” platform, but in virtual reality, with courses hosted by former NFL football players, award-winning animators, world-renowned speakers and more. 

James Hsu, CEO and executive producer for VRLU North America, and one of Nevada’s top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs, sat down with Insta360 to introduce the VR education platform and how it works. 

1. What is VRLU? 

VRLU is the only VR education platform that offers educational and entertainment experiences focused on self improvement. Our VR platform provides innovative virtual reality content that strives to promote self improvement, education and positivity. We offer various entertainment forms: video games, cartoons, digital content, and most importantly, our VRLU Master Academy. 

In our signature VRLU Master Academy, you can choose from immersive experiences focused on fitness, business, marketing, cooking, animation, dancing, general self-growth and much more. 

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What really makes VRLU unique is that we’re focused on sharing with people the core fundamentals for happiness and success. We provide an avenue for people to learn, live and grow from the comfort of a safe space. They can put on a headset and instantly be with someone they worship or look up to for guidance. In their entire lifetime, the average person may not otherwise have access to the kind of opportunities available through VRLU. 

2. Why are VR education courses more effective than traditional video formats?

We believe that virtual reality offers a more immersive and effective learning experience than traditional video formats because of the VR headset. You have to put the headset on to fully immerse yourself into the experience and be a part of what the master is teaching you. 

Watching a course on VRLU is unlike watching something on YouTube, where you can check your text messages or your email. With our Master Academy, our viewers are fully immersed in the world in which they are learning and gaining experience from our masters.

3. What sort of VR education courses are available on VRLU? 

We look for any person who is an expert, top professional or elite in a specific industry or genre. We don’t discriminate based on topics, because we know that in order to follow your dreams, it takes a variety of the fundamentals that these masters offer. 

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Some of our viewers may think they never want to learn the art of sake or the fundamentals of tennis. But from each master, they can learn the same fundamentals of practice, precision, never giving up, keeping your eye on the prize and chasing your dreams. At VRLU, we highlight those fundamentals of success and the idea that chasing your passions will bring you fulfillment and happiness, because the ultimate goal is to live, learn and grow.

Some of the most popular VRLU Master Academy experiences include: 

VRLU also goes beyond just the Master Academy, with additional programming like:

  • ConiTV: Hours of immersive family programming and entertainment.
  • K-Pop VRoom: An exciting experience to hop on a stage or in a music video with your favorite K-pop band or sing karaoke with your friend across the country.
  • VRLU Vacations: Immersive virtual reality travel experiences where people can be transported to different parts of the world from the safety of their home. 

4. How do you ensure your VR education courses are fully immersive for viewers? 

Making the experience immersive all depends on the master. We ask our performers to move past the camera and take up space, so that they surround you in the headset. 

In a lot of our fitness experiences, you’re able to see different students taking the exact same program or series of workouts you're doing. They surround the camera so that you can see someone performing the same exercise as you in any direction. For instance, in “The Art of Stepping” with Jason Nious and Molodi, you're surrounded by dancers as they perform mind-blowing moves and techniques. 

We also strive to choose stunning locations and areas that will take your breath away—places that you might not normally be able to go to. For instance, imagine going into a recording studio with a famous musician to hear them perform. With that exclusivity and ability to be a fly on the wall, we create unique, immersive experiences for all types of masters and industries.

VR camera on set

In terms of filming an immersive experience, the Insta360 Pro 2’s 8K VR video and 12K photos were unmatched by the competition. In video production, you need to be able to set up quickly and efficiently. You never know what's going to be happening during filming. The Insta360 Pro 2 has always been easy and fast to set up. 

The Pro 2’s Farsight live monitoring system is also an absolute game changer. One of the major challenges in shooting in 360-degrees is that we can't be in the room to monitor what's going on, because we would appear in the shot. So through Farsight, we're able to watch what's happening remotely from a different location and ensure that the cast and crew aren't interfering with the immersiveness of the Master Academy. 

5. What sort of feedback have you received from VRLU viewers so far? 

We have received the utmost love and respect and positive feedback from our viewers. We even had one viewer tell us that our VR education content was able to pull him out of a depression. He was at a point in his life where he had no direction. He wasn't able to access a mentor. He didn't have someone to guide him. Within moments of subscribing to VRLU, he was able to put on a headset and learn from the absolute best of the best in their industries. 

When the world was shut down due to the pandemic, we provided not only an escape, but a way of entertainment and education for the masses during unprecedented times. Even if you don’t have a specific learning goal, with VRLU, you can put on a headset and just hear and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

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