ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition: Enhanced 360 Imaging for Your Business

The new Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition, co-engineered with Leica, is Insta360’s first camera built with dual 1-inch sensors. As the latest extension of the ONE RS range, the 1-Inch 360 Edition greatly improves low light shooting performance and elevates the quality of 360 imaging to a whole new level. 

For enterprise uses, it is equally at home in the fields of construction, building digital twins, surveying, VR property tours, home improvement supervision, destination marketing and more. Through its premium image quality and easy-to-use design, it provides a practical and professional shooting solution to help industry partners to increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy. 

Next level image quality.

The 1-Inch 360 Edition combines Insta360’s panoramic imaging expertise with Leica’s outstanding optical performance for incredible results. The new lens has a high signal-to-noise ratio and thanks to its dual 1-inch sensors is capable of capturing stunning detail in low light environments with an outstanding dynamic range. As a result of its premium imaging capabilities, it’s an ideal tool for use in a whole range of enterprise scenarios. 

Highly detailed 21MP 360 photos. 

The 1-Inch 360 Edition is capable of shooting extremely detailed 21 megapixel 360 still images. Becoming particularly relevant at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 360 imaging has become a mainstay of the real estate sector, as well as in the construction industry. The 1-Inch 360 Edition can capture stunning virtual tours of properties or sites, allowing audiences to view these locations in a new level of clarity and accuracy.

Additional features such as AI-powered PureShot and PureShot HDR modes allow locations to be documented in even greater detail. By increasing dynamic range, these modes capture more detail in bright and dark areas, with PureShot HDR combining multiple PureShot images for even sharper results. The aforementioned dual 1-inch sensors ensure the 1-Inch 360 Edition is suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting without overexposure. 

Premium 6K video quality.

Whether you’re creating a VR tour, surveying a building site or creating captivating destination marketing, high quality video resolution is essential. The 1-Inch 360 Edition shoots 6K 360 video to capture locations in impressive detail. Full 360 capture allows every nook, corner and angle of a site to be captured at all times. Footage can then be easily reframed after recording to point the shot in any direction, using the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio.

A 6K 2fps video option helps conserve storage space for construction site shooting projects, enabling faster uploads. The camera will automatically save a 360 image every half second to track the location of the construction site and record it in all directions.

Beyond high video resolution, it’s also crucial that footage is stable in order to be usable.  In order to guarantee smooth and balanced footage, the 1-Inch 360 Edition boasts Insta360’s flagship FlowState Stabilization technology, with 6-axis image stabilization and 360 Horizon Lock. This ensures that no matter how uneven the ground or what angle the camera is being held at, footage will always be level and stable, eliminating the need for potentially costly and time-consuming reshoots.

Shoot without interruption.

The 1-Inch 360 Edition’s 1350mAh Vertical Battery Base supports recording while attached to a power supply for continuous charging. This is ideal for extended duration livestreams, unattended shooting and more, avoiding the need to interrupt shooting to replace batteries or recharge.

Small, light and easy to use.

An essential requirement of any camera that needs to be carried easily from location to location is a manageable size and weight. The 1-Inch 360 Edition packs incredible imaging power into a compact, portable form factor weighing just 235g (8.3oz), meaning it’s easy to pack into a small bag and be transported anywhere it’s needed. Another advantage of its lightweight form factor is that the camera can be mounted to a hard hat, or to the Invisible Selfie Stick for shooting on the move. 

Designed for ultimate ease of use, the 1-Inch 360 Edition can be controlled remotely using the Insta360 app. Eliminating the need for someone to be in the same room as the camera allows for clean, unobstructed and accurate shots. The camera itself features just one shooting button, while shooting parameters can be saved and selected using the easy touch screen Quick Menu, for a practical and convenient shooting experience.

Integrated for enterprise.

Make the most of Insta360’s free software development kit (SDK) to get the most from your camera. Just apply online to download the SDK to integrate your camera with your app. The SDK for the 1-Inch 360 Edition supports parameter acquisition and gyroscopic data for independent calibration, camera control, in-camera stitching, 360 exports and a whole range of other functions and features. 

As well as Insta360’s own SDK, the camera will soon also be integrated with major industry-leading enterprise platforms including Matterport and OpenSpace. Keep an eye out for updates as more and more platforms are ready for integration. 

Google Street View.

The 1-Inch 360 Edition is also Google Street View ready. Videos, as well as photos, can now be easily uploaded to Google Street View with GPS data and statistics via the Insta360 app. 

Available now.

Insta360 is continues to provide cutting-edge tools for efficient, powerful and detailed imaging. Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is available to purchase worldwide via and select retailers worldwide. It retails for US$799.99. 

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