New Virtual Auditing Solution Is A Game Changer for Biotech Companies

Secure, live streamed, immersive communication allows biotech specialists to keep manufacturing safe remotely — saving time and money on travel, whilst facilitating audits of the highest quality.

In-person audits for biotech companies are costly and time-consuming. In addition to travel time and expenses, auditors have to undergo training on special procedures and follow a gowning process before entering clean room spaces. With added COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing measures, in-person audits have quickly become a costly and a logistical nightmare.

Together, Insta360 and Dynamic Compliance Solutions, Inc.® (DCS) are providing a turnkey cost-effective virtual auditing solution for biotech companies of all sizes, and their suppliers, who are struggling to maintain supply chain quality.

The RACK (Remote Audit Communication Kit), created by New Jersey based DCS, combines the use of Insta360 cameras and other key communication equipment. It enables users to perform all the critical auditing activities from a remote location, securely and in real-time.

DCS RACK Remote Evaluation Solution from RACK by DCS on Vimeo.

The unique combination of technology fits into an easily shippable kit that can be sent anywhere in the world. The kit provides real-time, multi-user, 360-degree visibility and enables an auditor(s) to experience remote manufacturing facilities as if they were there in person. 

The RACK currently makes use of Insta360’s popular ONE X Enterprise Edition camera, enabling a 4K 360° real-time stream with an easy-to-use, palm-sized device. It incorporates a proprietary live stream player that is viewable on any browser, tablet or VR goggles.

The RACK offers a safe, efficient and much-needed virtual audit solution for monitoring compliance activities at suppliers worldwide.

DCS rack

How Virtual Audits Help Biotech Companies and Their Suppliers

Don Hodgson, CEO of California-based HBT Labs, was one of the first to adopt the RACK to enable virtual audits of his manufacturing facility. “After travel restrictions due to COVID-19, our clients were unable to travel to our site in Southern California,” said Hodgson.

“The outbreak completely disrupted our ability to host clients and perform normal quality assessments of our own supply chain. By using the RACK, we are able to perform all the necessary activities of an audit. The secure live streamed virtual facility tours provide the same assurance as if an auditor was on-site. This unique combination of technology is a game changer.”

remote factory audit

“As a result of travel restrictions, life science companies across the globe had to find remote working solutions. Videoconferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype may be able to replace a 2-dimensional conference room style meeting but now, there is a solution for site-specific visits. The RACK incorporates all the tools that an auditor needs,” said Vantage Crest Consulting President, Doug Kollmorgen.

The RACK virtual audit kit includes four tools:

  • 360° camera: for the immersive site audit and site staff interviews
  • Document camera: for reviewing documents at the site that are not currently digital
  • Detail camera: for communicating with the site staff during the audit
  • Laptop with remote software: for connecting to the RACK tech and enabling remote access for guidance and trouble-shooting
360 Camera

“Using the RACK to virtually audit a manufacturing facility that is thousands of miles away saves time and allows the use of multiple specialized auditors that would simply not have been cost effective in-person,” said Kollmorgen.

Due to the ease-of-use and high image quality of this solution, in-person audits could soon become a thing of the past.

Available Now

The RACK virtual audit solution is available to companies in the United States, EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and China. After requesting the dates for your audit, the RACK is shipped directly to the audit site. Auditors can use their own existing hardware and systems to view all of the information coming from the audit site. The RACK is available for single use audits at US$2000. Multi-use packages and semi-permanent installations are also available. Please visit ​​ to find out more.

About HBT Labs

HBT Labs, Inc. (HBT) is a technology-based special pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of “High Barrier Therapeutic” injectable drugs. HBT Labs has a full array of expertise, including advanced scientific research in the area of drug delivery systems, process development, patent analysis and regulatory compliance. HBT is headquartered in Brea, CA. 

About Insta360

Founded in 2015, ​Insta360​ makes boldly innovative cameras that help people capture and share their lives. The brand’s ONE series cameras pioneered the use of a compact dual-lens design to redefine what’s possible with an action camera. The ONE series brings together groundbreaking stabilization, the ability to easily capture drone-like aerial angles, and the freedom to reframe a shot in any direction after the fact — all in a palm-sized device. Insta360 also offers a premium range of ultra-high-resolution professional VR cameras. Their best-in-class imaging and streamlined workflows make it easy for filmmakers to jump into immersive content production.

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