Is Creating VR for Travel a Viable Business? Nadeau Photo Solution Reveals All

It's not just COVID that's made VR for travel a business opportunity in the past few years. Improvements in tech and the limitations of the elderly and young give an evergreen market to serve. In this post, we interview Nadeau Photo Solution to reveal how they found success in the virtual reality for travel market, capturing scenes from the Canadian Rockies to Arizona.

Using Insta360 Titan to capture VR for travel

Who are Nadeau Photo Solution?

Hailing from Quebec, Patrick Nadeau and Caroline Hamel founded their firm way back in 2010. Later, they pivoted to specialize in 360-degree videos and photography, due to a passion for travel combined with COVID stopping them from having those experiences. As any good entrepreneur would, they decided to build those experiences themselves.

What is their VR travel solution?

In one line, Nadeau captures locations in stunning VR and then packages that content for those unable to access those places due to their own limitations or circumstances, democratizing access to travel.

Who are their target markets?

Virtual reality for seniors

Nadeau noticed the isolation the elderly were facing during COVID - and with one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older considered to be socially isolated - it's not just a pandemic that caused this. With an aging population, virtual reality travel for seniors is a growing space, giving them experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Virtual reality for seniors viewing travel content shot on Insta360 cameras

Virtual reality for education

They've also rode a trend of increasing the use of VR in schools, recognizing the potential of showing the world to the youth through educational means, and giving geographical and technical filming insights along the way.

Beyond filming for homes for the elderly and education centers for the youth, they've filmed for libraries and cultural centers too.

How did they get started?

Armed with a bunch of VR headsets, they set off to conquer the Canadian Rockies with their three children, using Insta360 Pro 2 and Insta360 Titan, spending two months capturing the glorious vistas there. Upon returning home, they packaged this content into a series of 10-minute videos. These were presented in schools and to the elderly, distributed through VR headsets that provide a simple and immersive way to digest the content, especially for those with reduced mobility.

VR headsets in schools being used for education

Since then, they've expanded shooting locations across Arizona, filmed in numerous national parks, and partnered with the Minéro Musée (an earth science museum) to offer a multi-sensory activity that combines virtual reality and physical demonstrations to introduce students to the geological history of Canada.

Why choose Insta360 when filming virtual reality for travel?

As Nadeau puts it "Insta360 quickly imposed itself in our choice of cameras. The build quality and ease of use of its devices made it an obvious choice". To elaborate on that, Insta360 Titan or Pro 2 offers an all-in-one solution that delivers exceptional quality results. In the past, you might've needed a custom rig, or a cumbersome camera that's hard to set up. Now, you can do so much more with less bulk. This is key when attempting to film hard-to-reach locations such as mountain vistas.

Insta360 Titan filming a VR travel scene in the mountains

How have people been reacting to the VR travel content?

The response to Nadeau Photo Solution's VR travel project has been remarkable. Children, their teachers, and people in palliative care have been stunned by the experience offered. Whether it provides an escape from the physical constraints of aging or a rich educational experience in a museum, the positive reaction is undeniable.

Wrapping up...

Nadeau Photo Solution's VR travel project has had a positive impact on the elderly, children, and places of education. By providing experiences to people with reduced mobility, they've given a glimpse into what they could never otherwise experience. Through their workshops, students can learn about the geological history of Canada through an entirely different, impactful perspective. Their approach to carving out a niche was born out of COVID and hasn't slowed since.

To learn more about them, head to their website here.

If you're ready to start filming virtual reality for travel, pick up an Insta360 Titan or Insta360 Pro 2 today.

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