Insta360 SDK Online Application Live Now: Integrate Your App

Does your business have a great app that uses 360 photos and videos? The last thing you want is to make the shooting process difficult for your customers.

Insta360 has now launched an online application for the Insta360 SDK to help businesses integrate their apps with Insta360 cameras.

insta360 sdk

Without integrating your app with a 360 camera SDK, you'll require your customers to use two different apps. That means one app to capture and edit their 360 footage and another to upload and use that footage within your own app. 

This complicates the user experience for your customers. Some of your less tech-savvy customers might be scared off by this overly complicated process. And it leads to more issues for your support staff to field customer complaints, questions and troubleshooting requests.

Here's how theInsta360 SDK can help you integrate your app and streamline the user experience.

Why your business needs a 360 camera SDK 

An SDK is a collection of software development tools that developers can download and install to develop applications for a specific device. 360 camera SDKs, 360 video SDKs, VR SDKs and live streaming SDKs are all becoming increasingly popular as businesses integrate 360 footage into their applications. 

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, you can use these existing SDKs to integrate 360 camera and VR hardware into your existing app software. Your business can benefit in a number of ways from integrating your app with a 360 camera SDK: 

  • Simplify and accelerate the shooting process: Centralize image and video capture within one app, making shooting process easier for non-tech savvy users
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction: Provide your customers with more choice by expanding supported hardware, allowing users to use whatever camera they prefer or fits their budget
  • Optimize technical integration: Avoid technical difficulties and malfunctions common with poorly-integrated hardware. And free up your technical support team’s time handling customer support requests

From shooting to export, a 360 camera SDK can help your own team and your customers use 360 cameras to the best of their potential. 

What you can do with the Insta360 SDK

Insta360’s SDK enables you to integrate your app with Insta360’s cameras, so users can shoot and use Insta360 camera footage with just the tap of a button. Insta360’s SDK enables you to: 

  • Control cameras: Connect over Bluetooth or WiFI and adjust camera settings within app
  • Shoot photos and videos: Shoot, stich and export 360 photos or videos
  • Livestream 360 content: Stream securely to a specific address following RTMPS protocol
  • Acquire camera data: Access lens parameter data and gyroscopic data for calibrating camera

Insta360 offers SDKs for the majority of our cameras including the Insta360 ONE, ONE X, Pro, Pro 2, Nano, Nano S and Air. For most cameras, the SDK is compatible with both iOS and Android applications. 

Insta360 SDK

Want to see the Insta360 SDK in action? Learn from these three companies who have already integrated their software with the Insta360 SDK:

Matterport makes 3D modeling more accessible

American 3D software company Matterport needed a low-cost, entry-level solution for capturing 3D retail experiences. They integrated their Matterport Capture app for 3D models with Insta360 One X in January 2019. This integration has significantly widened their market and accelerated the adoption of their technology. 

Users cancreate a virtual tour and scan a property with their Insta360 ONE X by simply pressing a button within the Matterport Capture app. They can then upload their footage to Matterport Cloud for processing and creation of the 3D model. Then they can share the link for anyone to view, anytime, anywhere. 

Insta360 SDK

iStaging streamlines virtual tour creation

Taiwanese VR technology companyiStaging wanted a VR SDK to help them attract more VR content makers beyond the real estate industry. iStaging integrated their iStaging VR Maker app with Insta360 ONE X in March 2019

iStaging users can control their Insta360 ONE X remotely via the VR Maker app and shoot a 720 degree panoramic virtual tour with just one click. The ONE X auto-adjusts throughout shooting, while the VR Maker app creates the tour. From there, users can edit VR content and upload it onto iStaging’s cloud platform to share.

iStaging’s integration with Insta360’s SDK streamlines the virtual tour creation process for their users. And provides their users with more choice in cameras. 

StructionSite eases construction site documentation

American construction software company StructionSite uses 360 footage to document construction sites. StructionSite integrated their app with Insta360 ONE X in April 2019.

Insta360 ONE X is fully compatible with StructionSite’s VideoWalk feature. Users can walk a job site while recording with their Insta360 ONE X, while the StructionSite app automatically tracks a path onto a floorplan. Later, other members of a project team can virtually walk the floorplan and view 360 footage along the way. 

Insta360 ONE X is top-rated by StructionSite for photo and video quality, after testing in multiple construction project situations. FlowState stabilization makes it particularly easy to move quickly throughout the job site without sacrificing footage quality. 

How to apply online for the Insta360 SDK

We’ve now launched an online application process for business to receive the Insta360 SDK. In order to apply for the SDK, you simply need to: 

  1. Purchase at least one Insta360 camera
  2. Fill out the online application found here
  3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 
  4. Provide business license to prove business authenticity

After our team reviews these materials, you can expect to receive the Insta360 SDK in as little as one weekApplications are available to all businesses. There are no restrictions aside from the above requirements. We welcome applications from a variety of businesses and industries, including real estate, media, training, education and more. 

Insta360’s SDK is easy to implement and integrate into your app. Once you receive it, your internal development team can start work immediately on integrating your Insta360 camera and your app software! 

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