Introducing Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition for Shooting Virtual Tours and 360 Enterprise Content

Integrated with Matterport, Kuula, StructionSite, OpenSpace, HoloBuilder and more. 

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition, a 360 camera tailored for shooting virtual tours and other enterprise content, is now available for enterprise customers.

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition

First launched in 2018, Insta360 ONE X became the world’s best-selling 360 camera by combining 5.7K 360 video and 18MP 360 photo capabilities in a sleek, powerful package. The Enterprise Edition has the same great hardware as before, now preloaded with an enterprise firmware. This firmware unlocks in-camera stitching and compatibility with a host of integrated third-party platforms like Matterport and Kuula. 

From real estate virtual tours to construction documentation, the enterprise applications for 360 cameras continue to grow amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With its widespread compatibility and endorsements from industry-leading platforms, Insta360 ONE X is a ready-made tool for shooting 360 enterprise content.  

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition is available to order today via

The right enterprise tool to capture any location in 360. 

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition shoots 5.7K stabilized 360 video and 18MP 360 photos. For true-to-life lighting and natural colors, creators can use ONE X’s automatic HDR function. It processes in seconds, delivering excellent color depth straight off the camera. 

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition HDR

Meanwhile, Insta360’s proprietary FlowState Stabilization algorithm keeps your content super-stable, ensuring your virtual tours feel natural and smooth without any motion blur.

With its sleek body, ONE X fits perfectly in your palm or is easily mountable to a selfie stick or tripod with its built-in ¼” mounting point. It also has a removable battery which you can replace on the go and continue shooting from one job site to the next.

Integrated with world-leading 360 enterprise platforms.

As the world’s top selling 360 camera, Insta360 ONE X is already integrated with the most popular industry-leading 360 enterprise platforms, like Matterport, Kuula, 3DVista, Cupix, StructionSite,  OpenSpace and HoloBuilder. 

With the ONE X Enterprise Edition, you can take advantage of all of these integrations by simply opening up your preferred platform and then start shooting with ONE X directly. No separate camera control app needed. 

Dollhouse Virtual Tour

Ready for integration with your own app. 

The Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition also enables use of ONE X’s free software development kit (SDK). Simply apply online to download the SDK and you can integrate ONE X with your own app.

Insta360 ONE X’s SDK supports in-camera stitching, HDR capture, 360 photo and 360 video export. You can also acquire lens parameters and gyroscopic data for calibrating the camera independently. You can even live stream in 360 degrees within your own app using an RTMPS address. 

ONE X Enterprise Edition users also have access to a powerhouse of editing techniques using the free Insta360 mobile app or desktop Studio software. Beginners can get started with the app or build their own tailored workflow. 

Available now.

Insta360 ONE X Enterprise Edition is available to order today via ONE X retails for $399.99 USD. 

Compared to the consumer Insta360 ONE X package, the Enterprise Edition also comes with a silicon protective lens cap to keep your camera protected in between jobs.

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