Insta360 Now Compatible with Zillow 3D Home App for High Quality Real Estate Virtual Tours

Three of Insta360's industry-leading 360 cameras are now compatible with Zillow's 3D Home app (ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition, X3, and X2). Compatibility is live from today on iOS, while the Android equivalent is coming soon.

The Zillow 3D Home app is an easy-to-use, no-cost tool for creating immersive virtual tours for real estate listings. Allowing potential buyers or renters to efficiently and accurately evaluate a property, brings them peace of mind and helps speed up decision making. 

Why choose an Insta360 camera for interactive floor plans?

The key to successful interactive floor plans is the type and quality of camera used. Insta360 cameras possess a number of key advantages that make them a popular choice among industry professionals:

  • Superior image quality: for detailed, realistic footage that really sells a space, you need a camera with more capability than just your smartphone. Insta360 cameras shoot up to 6K 360 video and up to 72MP 360 photos.
  • Easy-to-use: no experience with 360 cameras is required. The intuitive interface and camera design make creating virtual tours an absolute breeze.
  • Lightweight: forget bulky camera gear. Insta360 cameras weigh a maximum of 8.4oz, and can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Affordable: a professional setup doesn't have to break the bank. For everything you need to get started, including camera, selfie stick, tripod, and memory card, here are the top two options:
CameraKey SpecsPrice
Premium OptionInsta360 RS 1-Inch 360 Edition, Virtual Tour Kit6K 360 video, 21MP photos, dual 1-inch sensors, top low light performance$859.99
Budget OptionInsta360 X3, Virtual Tour Kit5.7K 360 video, 72MP photos$529.00

How to get started?

All you need to do is download the Zillow 3D Home app to start adding virtual tours and interactive floor plans to your listings for free. For more info on which Insta360 camera to purchase, here’s more info on Insta360 RS 1-Inch 360, Insta360 X3, and Insta360 ONE X2.

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