Street View Photography - Mapping Yosemite National Park with Federico Debetto

Yosemite National Park is world famous. Its natural beauty is matched only by its use in Apple screensavers. People from around the world travel to see the Half-Dome, but it has never been mapped with Street View photography due to its lack of accessible terrain. Until now.

Street View Photography - Federico in Yosemite
Federico in Yosemite

Federico Debetto mounted his Insta360 Pro 2 on his backpack and headed for the hills. Capturing stunning footage and stills, he got the whole job done in 9 hours of continuous capture. Street View photography like this was literally impossible not too long ago. Here is his story:

The full trail is now available on Google Maps Street View, with a keen eye you'll notice Federico's name tagged in the top right acting as excellent exposure for his personal brand.

This is a relatively new frontier for photographers, and those that act quickly with the best tools hold the opportunity to get a name for themselves in the industry. Federico has been making a living in Google Street View Photography since 2015. He's now full-time, working on tourism projects around the world. You can read more about our interview with him back in March 2018 right here.

Insta360 cameras are enabling anyone to get out there and shoot. Anyone can become a Google Trusted Photographer with the right tools and information, Lucky for you, we're here to help.

Here's how to become a street view photographer

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