Virtual Tours Made Easy - Insta360 Partners with VPiX

When learning how to make a virtual tour it can help to have a little guidance. While Insta360 ONE X is now the camera of choice for realtors due to its industry-leading image quality and ease of use, the virtual tour software side of things is held up by top-tier companies such as VPiX.

We’ve teamed up with VPiX to combine the two; simple, elegant software and a game-changing easy-to-use camera. With VPiX and an Insta360 ONE X, anyone can create a rich, immersive virtual tour, you can pick up their Insta360 ONE X bundle here. The first step is to take 360° photos, on that front the ONE X has you covered. After you’re done shooting, with one click, you can upload to VPiX and edit your virtual tour with no expertise needed.

Here's the result:

While the ONE X is ideal for most realtors, some projects require a production level rig. In these cases, the Insta360 Pro series holds ground as the go-to choice for high-level productions. If you’re looking to learn how to make a virtual tour with the Pro, VPiX is launching an Insta360 user workshop. The workshop covers a one day, 4-hour online training course for using Insta360 cameras and the commercial use of virtual tours.

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About VPiX

VPiX is a virtual tour company that has provided on-site 360 photographic and video series to more than 20,000 customers from 17 countries. They work in various industries included but not limited to VR photography, hospitality and real estate, with strong partnerships with companies such as 4 seasons, Century 21, CBRE, Choice Hotels and more.

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