Diving With Sharks: How Insta360 is Supporting Deep Sea Guardians' Important Mission

"With projects like this, we can not only show people how beautiful and fascinating these animals are, but we can also explain that they are rapidly disappearing because of our impact."

While sharks have long been at the top of the food chain, overfishing, climate change and the deteriorating health of the oceans mean that 70% of shark and ray species have disappeared in the last 50 years. Media-fuelled misconceptions have played a major role in this trend.

For World Environment Day, Insta360 has partnered with Deep Sea Guardians, founded by Insta360 creator Zimydakid, to raise awareness of ocean conservation and shark protection. With the Insta360 Think Bold Fund, Zimy and dive instructor Logan Kanan took Insta360 X3 and the X3 Dive Case to capture never-before-possible angles of these magnificent animals.

Protecting our oceans.

Deep Sea Guardians is a non-profit environmental organization founded in October 2021. Made up of worldwide ocean guardians, they fight for ocean conservation and to change perceptions about sharks. Using their creative vision and skills, they hope to educate society about the reality that oceans and marine animals face due to climate change and human impact.

Deep Sea Guardians using Insta360 X3 and X3 Dive Case

The organization leads important scientific research to fight for the future of our oceans. They give presentations in schools to educate the next generation about the importance of the ocean's ecosystems.

"Hopefully, [Deep Sea Guardians] will inspire people and create a whole new generation that is now seeing the ocean as a place of magic and beauty that must be respected."

The power of images.

In 2019, passionate filmmaker and founder of Deep Sea Guardians Zimy took his camera underwater to film tiger sharks for the first time. Captivated by their energy, Zimy knew he had to take his filmmaking background to new depths to help these misunderstood creatures.

Despite thousands of scientific reports that the world's oceans are under threat, information is ignored, species are wiped out, and the ocean's ecosystems get closer and closer to collapse.

Creators, photographers, and filmmakers have a key part to play in this fight. Art has a unique way to create emotions within people. It can make them understand, care, and actively change their perception.

Deep Sea Guardians for World Environment Day - Insta360

"Without images, the oceans would be slowly dying without anyone noticing."

Without ever submerging yourself and interacting with sharks, it's hard to take someone's word that they're just 'playful.' Using Insta360 cameras, Deep Sea Guardians bring powerful images to the surface to show the truth of what happens below.

How did they use Insta360 X3?

Insta360 sponsored a dive with the goal to use X3 to film unique perspectives of their interactions with critically endangered great hammerhead sharks.

"Despite being on the absolute top of the food chain, we can still get out there and safely dive and interact with them."

Zimy and his team mounted X3 to the main camera housing to capture third-person perspectives of the action. They also mounted X3 onto the camera arm with a ball mount for different side perspectives, and on the diver's masks for POV shots. The 360 camera allowed them to shoot a super wide FOV to record every interaction with the sharks.

Deep Sea Guardians founder Zimydakid with Insta360 X3

The dome structure of the X3 Dive Case was perfect for capturing seamless underwater shots and unique perspectives. Since sharks are attracted to shiny things, the sun bouncing off the Dive Case was of particular interest. The hope? That the sharks would try to eat the camera.

And it worked!

X3 got up close and personal with Joker, a playful tiger shark. Thanks to the Invisible Selfie Stick, Joker spat out the camera before being able to swallow it whole. The Dive Case housing was destroyed, but X3 came out unharmed, and the footage is out of this world.

Zimy reframed the video in post to show different angles from inside the shark's mouth. With a traditional action camera, the lens would face the bottom of the mouth and film nothing but pitch black.

"With these new camera technologies, we can now get footage that was simply impossible to get just a few years ago."

For more on reframing and how it works, check out this article.

What can we do?

Through sponsored dives and social posts, Insta360 is taking action for oceanic and marine animal protection. By donating to Deep Sea Guardians, Insta360 hopes to help this organization with its mission before it's too late.

"If everyone could...dive and see these animals in real life, our entire perception...would go from complete fear to respect and fascination."

Interested in becoming a Deep Sea Guardian or supporting their mission? Share their work on social media or contact them at

Or go see for yourself! Grab your X3 and Dive Case and head down to the depths below.

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