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MORE Nose Mode👃
Our first Nose Mode challenge was an absolute blast, we just had to bring it back! For the uninitiated, try out this epic effect and get a chance to win up to $500 every week! We'll select 15 entries for the Nominated Entries at the end of the challenge. Try Nose Mode with: X3, ONE X2, ONE RS & ONE R (with the 360 Lens)
How to shoot
Shoot in 5.7K 360 AUTO.
Put the camera in your mouth. Gently hold the camera between your teeth while keeping your lips open.
Wave your arms in the air and run free!
This is roughly the effect you’re looking for:
Feel free to experiment with different movements, activities and locations. Let your imagination run wild and interpret the challenge however you want!
Oh, and don't forget to include some "behind the scenes" footage to show how you shot the effect. This will increase your chances of being selected for a prize!
Note: please be careful when shooting. Watch where you’re going and don’t try anything too crazy!
For more info and tips on shooting and editing this effect, check out our exclusive guide.
Contest starts
Submission deadline
Evaluation period
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How to Enter
Submissions can be in video form (any duration), as well as photos. Submit your entry now and win up to $500 cash! Don’t forget to also post to any social media platforms you’re active on with the hashtag #Insta360NoseMode.
Contest Judges
Mark Harrison
Hello! My name is Mark Harrison and I am a full time content creator and videographer. I primarily create travel and adventure content for social media including Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube. 360 cameras have become a big part of my daily life, as they provide such a unique perspective!
Hi, my name is Paul, otherwise known as 'Crazy Dude Paul' and 'Busy Bee' after my #Insta360NoseMode video!! I am a semi-professional photographer specializing in major events. More recently I have gained a love for 360 photography & video, but using it on social platforms to make people laugh and smile.
Hey, my name is Wilfredo! Growing up, I loved making videos as a way to express myself creatively, and to entertain friends and family. Now my videos can be seen by an even larger audience, my passion to create has never been greater!
The Small Print
1. This is an Insta360 contest, so you’ve gotta use an Insta360 camera! X3 is ideal but the effect is also possible with ONE RS and ONE R using the 360 Lens. 2. Weekly Winners will be judged weekly by the Insta360 Awards team; Nominated Entries will be judged uniformly after the submission call ends by the contest judges. 3. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Bear this in mind with your submission. 4. Submit your own original content. No one likes a copycat. You'll be thrown out the bar for plagiarism. 5. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by each participant, but each person can get no more than three vouchers. 6. Don't break the law or do anything obscene in your content. It'll be disqualified. 7. We respect your ownership of the copyright to your work, and use it according to the following terms: By submitting content, you grant Insta360 a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use your content, including but not limited to reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying your content, and creating, reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying the derivative works of content for the purpose of business or non-business. 8. The award will be announced by email, which will contain more details. So, use your noggin and provide an email address we can reach you at!