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Never been the state champion? What about a FlowState Champion? Capture your most bone-shaking adventures with an Insta360 cam as we celebrate the butteriest, silkiest, smoothest footage in the game.
Share your shake-free videos with us and one lucky Champion will win $500! But that’s not all… Every Insta360 user is a Champion in our eyes, so every single entry will receive a $20 store voucher (applicable to orders above $200), just for submitting! How To Enter 1. Create a video with an Insta360 camera using FlowState Stabilization 2. Click the “Submit Now” button above to enter!
What You Can Win
Grand Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Store Voucher
(applicable to any order)
Nominated Entries
Store Voucher
(applicable to any order)
The Small Print
1. It's an Insta360 contest, so you’ve got to use an Insta360 camera. 2. Get creative with the “FlowState Champions” theme in any way you like. We love creativity! 3. Submit your own original content. No one likes a copycat. You'll be thrown out the bar for plagiarism. 4. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by each participant, but each person can get no more than three vouchers. 5. Don't break the law or do anything obscene in your content. It'll be disqualified. 6. We respect your ownership of the copyright to your work, and use it according to the following terms: By submitting content, you grant Insta360 a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use your content, including but not limited to reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying your content, and creating, reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying the derivative works of content for the purpose of business or non-business. 7. The award will be announced by email, which will contain more details. So, use your noggin and provide an email address we can reach you at! 8. And of course, Chase Adventure!
Contest starts
Submission deadline
Evaluation period
Winners announced
Contest Judges
Shanil Kawol
Shanil is a creative 360 video creator and trainer. He helps businesses grow by using Insta360 cameras to capture stories like never seen before. And shares his knowledge online to help consumers get the best out of their 360 camera.
Michael Ty
Michael Ty is an experienced 360 shooter and expert. He is also the founder of He has written over 3000 articles on 360 cameras and VR.
Terry Martin
I’m a 360 videographer and VR enthusiast. I bought by first 360 camera in December 2016 and haven’t looked back. I enjoy watching and creating 360 immersive video and creative reframed video.
Gimbal Guru
Erwin Trummer also known as Gimbal Guru, is a 360 video creator, always looking for creative ideas to develop interesting content, by using Insta360 cameras.
Past Winners
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    YouTube@Adam Pinter
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    YouTube@otto fabri
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    YouTube@Alex Kenny
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