How to use your camera as a panoramic computer camera?
  • 1.Please download Camera Webcam Software first.
  • 2.Virtual Camera software Windows Version Compatibility: Windows 7 (64-bit operating system) or later.
  • 3.Virtual Camera sofeware Mac Version Compatibility: OpenCL requires 1.2 or later(Click here to get the Compatibility Instruction); Mac OS X requires 10.74 or later.
  • 4.Connect your camera to computer via USB adapter after installing Camera Webcam Software, then open video chat applications and select ‘Insta360 Virtual Camera’.
  • 5.After setting up, you can use your camera as a computer webcam.
  • 6.Take Skype for example, open Skype and click 'Audio Setting'.
  • 7.Click 'Video Setting' and then select 'Insta360 Virtual Camera'.
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