How to capture and upload Insta360 Pro content to Street View?
    1. Please visit our Insta360 store official website to find the Pro and its Street View package that includes a GPS module and USB extension cord.
      1. Before you start, please first ensure that the camera firmware version has been updated to V201 or above.
      1. Before you start capturing imagery, please insert the GPS module into the USB port at the bottom of Pro using the USB extension cord we include in the Street View package.
      1. Without this extension cord, the GPS module may be too close to the Pro and may not be able to record accurate GPS data. Please also make sure the light on the GPS accessories is on and flashing before you start recording: content shot during this status will record GPS information. If the GPS module has not started flashing, you may need to adjust your position such that the GPS module has a clear view to the sky.
      1. While you capture imagery, to ensure that the data you capture will be Street View compatible, please make sure that the content you shoot contains GPS information, videos are captured with resolution 8k@5fps, panoramic pictures have 3840x1920 resolution or above (with a ratio of 2 to 1), and videos are not divided into segments (before shooting, the “Video Seg” of the camera is set to “Off”). Please also use our Insta360 Pro camera control app to connect to, adjust the settings, and start and stop capture on the camera.
      1. Please make sure that you drive under 37 mph to avoid motion blur.
      1. For more help with Street View, please check out the Google Maps Help Center here
      1. Once you’re ready to stitch the imagery, please first ensure that, in the Insta360 Stitcher, gyroscopic stabilization is not enabled, and please also do not make any changes to the “Set and Preview” menu; otherwise, your imagery may not render correctly on Google Maps.
      1. After you have finished stitching your 360 video, select “File” at the top of Stitcher to upload content to Street View. Log in with your Google account and choose the stitched 360 video that meets the requirement to upload.
    1. Before uploading content to Street View, please carefully read and accept the Maps User Contributed Content Policy. You can check for your successful upload in the Street View app (Android, iOS).