How to make live streaming on Youtube?
Please prepare an iPhone (models above 6) and an Insta360 Nano, then ensure Nano App and camera firmware are the latest version (Insta360 Nano Firmware Update Tutorial).
Youtube Live Streaming
1.Connect Nano to iPhone;
2.Open Nano App, swipe to LIVE mode and click button on the bottom right corner;

3.Authorize your Youtube account to Nano and start live streaming;
4.After authorizing,click 'Create a new event' button;
5.Add live title, live description and set start/end time. After that, click 'Confirm' button;
6.You can copy the live link and share to social networking platforms;
7.Click 'Confirm' button again to start live streaming;
8.On live page, you can click 'Setting' button to set live rate (4M is recommended);
9.After setting, click 'LIVE' button to start LIVE event!