Updating Camera Firmware
1.Connect the camera to your phone and view the firmware version on the App setting page. If prompted to upgrade, click on the firmware version to download the new firmware. After the download was completed, click on the UPGRADE.
2.Please unplug the camera, insert the needle into the camera and then insert the camera into the phone.
3.When the phone prompts that the camera has been detected, please take out the needle and click on the UPGRADE. The upgrade will take 2 minutes, during which the camera cannot be used. Please do not exit the App. Please keep your phone connected to the camera. Otherwise, it might damage your camera storage space.
4.After the upgrade was completed, unplug the camera and re-insert it.
Part of the phone does not support mobile phone firmware upgrade process,
please use the following upgrade process.
1. Download Insta360 Studio software on the computer. Windows Download>> 
Camera Firmware update function (Mac OSX) is coming soon.
2. Connect your camera to USB Adapter;
3. Plug Tool Needle into Burning Hole, long-press the Burning Hole and connect the USB adapter to computer at the same time. When LED indicator lights off, it means connecting successful.
4. Open Insta360 studio and click Help->Insta360 Air Firmware Upgrade;
5. After clicking 'Confirm' button, studio will download firmware and upgrade automatically.
6. After firmware upgrading, connect the camera to Android phone and open the app. 
Then click Setting->About, you can check the firmware version.

Notes: During upgrading process, please keep your camera and computer connect. 
If firmware upgrade failed, please try again.