Meet Ace Pro: Your Weapon of Choice for Better Car Content

This one's for those living life in the fast lane.

Insta360's latest action camera, Ace Pro, is out now, and it's shaping up to be a hot pick for car lovers everywhere. Don't believe us? Then read on, dear viewer, as we dive into everything that makes Ace Pro a better camera for car creators around the globe.

Serious Imaging Quality

When we team up with Leica, you know it's gonna be good. Revered for their optics expertise, opting to co-engineer with Leica and their SUMMARIT lens means pure quality. Our leading 1/1.3" sensor size means, put simply, more light into the camera.

Couple that with our new PureVideo mode, optimized for low light shooting, and you've got a combo that captures night rides like no other action cam out there. Check it:

A drive-by shot at night using Ace Pro of a JDM civic.

The fun doesn't stop there. Even in complex scenes with shadows or a very bright background, Active HDR works to give you a balanced image that still looks vibrant. You beauty!

Vlogger shows Active HDR quality difference between Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12.
You'll see not only a noticeable difference in visibility, but vibrance of shots, too.

Practical and Handy

Capturing action doesn't have to be frustrating.

A shot of Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro, side by side.

We've added some handy features like the ability to quickly cancel recording by holding the Shutter button, allowing you to retake instantly, or pause and resume the same recording via the flip touchscreen. Perfect for a road trip that doesn't need all the boring bits in between!

It's also got full voice and gesture control, so if you've got Ace Pro mounted on your dash, you can still get awesome shots without having to even take your hands off the wheel. That's the stuff!

Accessories Galore

Ace Pro is rugged and meant to be tossed around. Its unique magnetic mounting system and range of accessories mean you'll get plenty of ways to shoot a weekend out with your ride.

A shot of Ace Pro mounted to a rider's helmet.
Ace Pro's magnetic mounting system offers highly flexible mounting options.

Use the Mantis Mount to get a higher-angle shot, or just use it as a solid grip for your cam.

If you want to go full vlogger as well, you can! Simply use the Cold Shoe Mount (slides into the Quick Release Mount), and attach your favorite wireless mic for a pro setup.

Its longer battery life, rapid fast charging via Type-C (80% in just 22 minutes? Sheesh!), and waterproofing means you've got a camera truly ready for anything. The perfect companion for whereever you're heading!

The Future is Now

How could we get this far and not talk about the true gamechangers in this cam? We've been hard at work implementing the latest in AI technology into our cameras, with the all-new AI Highlights Assistant and AI Warp.

The Highlights Assistant works in camera to automatically identify the best bits from your footage, allowing you to instantly clip together a montage, all while deleting leftover footage to save card space.

AI Warp, well... This is wild. If you've tried AI generation services before, you might be familiar. You can select a clip from your video and "warp" it into anything your mind can think of, using custom keywords. You can even select a subject in the video or the entire frame! Strap yourselves in for this one, folks.

Hitting the Road

Whether it's a car meet at night, a full road-trip or a serious track day, there's a new king in town for the action camera. Ace Pro is out now on the Insta360 Store and other retailers, available in a series of unique kits tailored to your favorite activity.

Huge thanks to Spamsubie for filming his rides and unboxing / review of the Ace Pro! Check out the legend himself here. We'll see you on the streets or out on track.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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