Camera control APP

Insta360 Nano is the controlling client of Insta360 Nano camera,which can help users to control your cameras.

  • iOS v1.7.0

    2017-02-14 14:17:43

    1.【每日精选】增加每日精选功能,Insta360 官方将每日挑选用户投稿的精彩内容

    2.【录制动画】分享功能交互更新,支持将图片、视频 按特定视角录制

    3. 直播功能移动到首页,可以轻松开启Youtube直播

    4. 优化客服系统,更容易帮你解决问题

    1. [Daily Selections] Insta360 will select and post outstanding pictures/videos that submitted to daily selections on Home page.

    2. [Animation] Sharing function updates support automatic screen recording of pictures and videos of a preset perspective.

    3. Livestreaming on Homepage plays YouTube live by one tap.

    4. Honed Customer Support resolves all your unease.

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Camera firmware

Camera firmware is a system program for ensuring running efficiency of Insta360 Nano. Please update firmware in time for acquiring the best effects.

  • v1.43_0188

    2016-12-01 16:06:10

    1. 支持HDR功能

    2. 三击电源键时,支持延时摄影/定时拍摄功能(可以在app切换)

    3. 修复 BUG

    1. Support HDR function

    2. Support timer/time-lapse function via triple-clicking the power button.(Exposure setting is in app.)

    3. Bug fixes